Case Report

Developing peritonit after perforeted appendicitis, peritoneal abscess peritoneal abse and preterm birth: 2 cases


  • Ahmet Mete Ergenoğlu
  • Ahmet Özgür Yeniel
  • Nuri Yıldırım
  • İsmail Mete İtil

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(2):120-123

Although appendicitis is the most common non-obstetric surgical problem in pregnancy, it is difficult to diagnose. Because, clinic examinations, labarotory findings are different and all of the radiologic imaging techniques can not be used in pregnancy. In order to this, complications of appendicitis may occur. One of the most important complication of the appendicitis is perforated appendicitis. We reported two pregnant women who operated in the third trimester for perforated appendicitis and had diffuse peritonitis and peritoneal abscess after surgery. In pregnancy, preterm birth rate is higher after perforated appendicitis. Diffuculties in diagnosis make appendicitis more complicated with pregnancy and fetal outcome become worse.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis, perforated appendicitis, peritoneal abscess, preterm birth