Case Report

Emergency Cervical Cerclage: A Case Series


  • Arzu Doruk
  • Talat Umut Dilek
  • Hüseyin Durukan
  • Saffet Dilek

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(2):144-148


To observe the effect of the emergency cervical cerclage on the duration of pregnancy in the patient with cervical insufficiency


Thirteen pregnant women between 22-28 th gestational age treated with emergency cerclage were included in the study. Mc Donald technic was perfomed to in all patients.


Among the patients,7 women were delivered between 25-32th weeks, and 4 patients were followed beyond the 34th week.


Ultrasonographic screening to determine cervical insufficiency among the patient in the risk group should be done at 14-20th weeks for the first time. Emergency cerclage can be considered in patient without contractions or chorioamnionitis, if there is any evidence of cervical dilatation at pelvic examination.

Keywords: Emergency cerclage, cervical insufficiency, preterm labour