Case Report

Hymen Imperforate: report of three cases


  • Ahmet Mete Ergenoğlu
  • Ahmet Özgür Yeniel
  • Zeynep Bayrak
  • İsmail Mete İtil
  • Niyazi Aşkar

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(2):140-143

Imperforate hymen is a congenital anomaly that is rarely seen in woman genital system. Imperforate hymen is reported %0,1 of all newborns and it is think that cause of imperforate hymen is congenital defect in the degeneration of central cells of hymen. Although It’s generally isolated anomally, sometimes genitourinary anomalies may associate this defect. Patients who has this anomally are generally asymptomatic until puberty and in the period of adolescence, patients administer with a primary amenore and cyclic pelvic pain. History and pelvic examination are the main steps in diagnosis. To determine possible associated anomalies imaging studies. Treatment of this anomally consist of vaginal reconstrictive surgery. We presented three imperforate hymen cases with literature in this case report.

Keywords: Imperforate hymen, puberty, cyclic pelvic pain