Case Report

Simultaneous Bilateral Occurrence Of A Malign Mixed Mesodermal Tumor And Ovarial Endometrioid Carcinoma In The Ovary: A Case Report And Review Of The Literature

  • Çetin Aydin
  • Ali Baloglu
  • Cenk Mustafa Güven
  • Ali Yavuzcan
  • Burcu Çetinkaya
  • Seyran Yigit

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(1):32-35

The mixed mesodermal tumor of ovary is a very uncommon malignancy. These tumors are biolagically so aggressive, many patients have metasases at the time of diagnosis and often develop recurrence after therapy. Preoperative diagnosis of these tumors is difficult and relatively low number cases reported. In this case, we reported a 65 years old woman with MMMT in left ovary and endometroid carcinoma in right one. Malignant mixed mesodermal tumor of ovary is rather rare and its simultaneous occurrance with another malignacy is interesting. The treatment was consist of cytoreduction and adjuvant chemotherapy, no recurrence was determined in the patient at the end of the 57-month follow-up.

Keywords: endometrioid ovarian tumor, MMMT, simultaneous genital tumors.