Case Report

Unilateral Massive Ovarian Edema Mimicking Ovarian Malignancy

  • Ahmet Cem Iyibozkurt
  • Yasemin Dogan
  • Samet Topuz
  • Yavuz Salihoglu
  • Ergin Bengisu
  • Sinan Berkman

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(1):26-28

Background and AIMS: Massive ovarian edema, only around 80 cases reported in literature, is a rare entity often misdiagnosed for a malignancy posing the patient at risk for over-treatment with resultant hormonal dysfunction and infertility. METHODS: A 20-year-old nulliparous woman presented with a right adnexial mass of 17x8cm after 3 weeks of abdominal pain with presumptive diagnosis of ovarian malignancy. All tumor markers were in normal range. RESULTS: During laparotomy, a semi-twisted enlarged ovary was found. Frozen section of the wedge biopsy revealed massive ovarian edema. Oooferectomy was not performed. CONCLUSIONS: Massive ovarian edema should be kept in mind in differential diagnosis of solid ovarian masses in young women. Conservative surgery should be the rule in order to preserve future fertility.

Keywords: ovary, massive ovarian edema, adnexial torsion, conservative surgery