Case Report

“Vulvar syringoma: A rare case report”


  • Cihangir Mutlu ERCAN
  • Hakan ÇOKSÜER
  • Kazım Emre KARAŞAHİN
  • İbrahim ALANBAY
  • İskender BAŞER

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(2):116-119

Syringomas are intraepidermal eccrin sweat gland adenomas which can usually be seen in adolescent ages. Typical involvement includes the malar areas and the lower eyelids, however vulvar involvement is rare. These lesions are characterized with papules which are small, yellowish, firm seperated from each other and can be 1-5 mm in diameter, and are often associated with increased vulvar discomfort and itching. The lesions are generally multiple, bilateral and symmetrical. A 35-year-old woman presenting with a 3-year history of vulvar papules, sometimes itching and increasing in time is presented to our clinic. The patient has been diagnosed as syringoma with clinical and histopathological results. Due to the fact that the patient is symptomatic, we preferred laser vaporization as a treatment option and presented our case with the preoperative and postoperative pictures.

Keywords: Vulvar Syringoma, Laser Vaporization