Clinical Investigation

Comparing the Transvaginal Tape (TVT) and Transobturator Tape (TOT) in Stress Urinary Incontinance, for their Efficiency and their Effects on Quality of Life.

  • Mahir Mehdiyev
  • İsmail Mete İtil
  • Fatih Şendağ
  • Ali Akdemir
  • Niyazi Aşkar

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(2):117-124


To compare the success rates, complications and the effects on the life quality of TOT and TVT operation.


32 patients who were diagnosed as stress urinary incontinance between March 2005 and november 2006 were included in the study. All patients filled urinar diary and underwent uradinamical exemination after negative urine culture. To evaluate the quality of life I-QoL questionnaire was used. The patients were randomised for TOT and TVT operations.


17 patients underwent TOT operation while 15 patients underwent TVT operations. The mean operation time of TOT group (13.5 min) was significantly shorter than TVT groups (18.3 min). There were no intraoperative complications in TOT group whereas there were one bladder injury and one rigt inguinal side subcutaneous hematoma. In early postoperative period there were no complication was seen in TOT group but there were 3 globe vesicale cases were seen in TVT group. there were no differences about blood loss between two groups. the mean hospitalisation time was 2 days in bout two groups (except complicated cases). 1.5 months after the operation all patients were evaluated wiyh cough stress test, residuel urine volume, subjective complains and I-QoL questionneir, no differences were detected between two groups. One patient in TOT group and three patients in TVT group was complicated with de-novo urge incontinance. In our study the objective success rates are 82.3% and 86.7% in TOT and TVT groups respectively.


In our study we found that the success rates of TOT and TVT operations were similar and complication rates of TOT was less than TVT group. Further studies that include wide patient populations and has log term follow-up, are needed to get more objective results.

Keywords: stress urinary incontinance, TVT, TOT