Case Report

Symptomatic endometriosis of rectus abdominis muscle in a patient with uterus didelphys


  • Yavuz Emre Şükür
  • Murat Gözüküçük
  • Korhan Kahraman
  • Şerife Esra Çetinkaya
  • Murat Sönmezer

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(1):80-83


Endometriosis of the rectus abdominis muscle is a very rare event and it should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of women with abdominal wall mass.


42 year-old G2 P2 patient with uterus didelphis was referred with a painful abdominal wall mass of approximately 4x5 cm size. The mass that has contrast matter enhancement on CT was excised with median laparotomy below the umbilicus. The mass which was thought as endometriosis was excised without remaining any pieces to prevent recurrence and primarily repaired.


Along with the increasing incidence due to increased cessarean rates the endometrial wall endometriosis is an important diagnosis that should not be omitted. The treatment is surgical resection and to we should take care not to leave any pieces to prevent recurrence especially when it is located atypically.

Keywords: endometriosis, rectus abdominis muscle, cesarean section